Have a paddler in your vacation list but don’t overlook understand what to place in their stocking? This is a list of items that will delight anyone who likes to canoe or kayak. All these cheap stocking stuffers for adults are under $25, so that it won’t violate your wallet!

Leatherman Micra: By small boat repairs to cutting edge bagels, this tiny tool can do everything.

Bailing sponge: Sponges lose their efficacy with time, as well as that they get horribly funky.

McNett UV Tech: Frequently overlooked, however, UV protection is crucial to keep ships from being ruined by the harsh treatment they’re put through.

Mini roll of duct tape: Duct tape holds the world together, and these small rolls fit in your pocket so that there’s not an excuse to leave it all behind.

Clif Shots: All these energy blocks work good to provide a fast boost of energy when you want it most.

Waterproof first aid kit: Don’t leave home without one.

Cam straps: Straps are usually ignored but needs to be inspected or replaced yearly to be able to securely carry canoes and kayaks.

Waterproof camera or mobile phone cases: Keeps valuables secure regardless of what the requirements.

Tenacious Tape: When duct tape won’t perform the job, it’s time to make the big guns. This obvious tape has incredibly powerful glue that will stick to whatever.

Fox 40 whistle: This item is seriously loudly! This must be in everyone’s PFD.

Croakies: Folks are constantly forgetting these till they reach the river. One capsize and your sunglasses have been gone with a pair of eyeglass retainers.

GSI Lexan Wine Glasses: For after-paddle parties.

Lexan spoon: You can not have sufficient lexan beers around. My spoons are constantly getting lost.

Penguin Sport Wash: This can be a powerful washing solution that works good on most of outdoor equipment.

McNett MiraZyme Odor Eliminator: When their equipment smells awful, here’s the remedy. Sandals, wetsuits, and neoprene booties are a number of the worst offenders.